Sunday, December 12, 2010

potpourri on a sundee

I was at Costco last week. The lady walking towards me in the fridge room was wearing a red Alabama sweatshirt with the words ROLL TIDE really big across the front. Oh, how I wanted to make eye contact, smile and say War Eagle! I didn't though. I'm not brave enough. I wasn't sure if she really cared about Alabama or if she was just wearing something that she had gotten as a gift from someone who had visited Alabama (although I can't imagine why anyone would give an Alabama sweatshirt as a gift). I saw her two more times as I strolled through the store. I never said War Eagle to her though. I was a little bit afraid she might give me a knuckle sandwich since Auburn had just kicked Alabama's booty the week before.

I sent a Christmas card to my friend a few weeks ago. She lives in Alabama. Her street is called Spunky Hollow Road. Isn't that a great name! I wonder if they pronounce it Spunky Holler. I'm guessing they probably do.

I let Danny use my computer to email messages to people last weekend. He is very interested in letters and numbers right now. I don't want to stifle his interest so some family members and unlucky friends got his "messages" in their inboxes. He loves it. I love that it keeps him from bugging me in the kitchen for long stretches of time. He's learned how to use delete, enter and the space bar too. I didn't learn that stuff until I was a senior in high school (and it was on a typewriter, not a computer). Here are a few of the replies Danny received:

Those are some really BIG letters. You also used numbers -- how interesting.

Thank you so much for your nice note! I love you very much and you are a great noteist!

I haven't cracked this secret code...YET! By the way, I LOVE the font and the color!

Thanks, Danny. I was hoping for a happy story to make me happy!

Love you too!

Wow! I didn't know that you were such a good typer, Danny. Makes this tired old aunt smile. Thank you for the message and the cheer.


I bought my first pair of yoga pants at Old Navy last week. I had a coupon. They were on sale anyway. It seemed like the right time to take the plunge. I've never bought yoga pants before. I figured that since I don't participate in any yoga classes, I didn't have any business wearing yoga pants. Boy, was I ever wrong! Those things are comfy! I can see how they could be very dangerous though. If you wear them too often, you won't realize that your waistline is expanding since they just stretch right along with you. I'm not sure why they have this waistband that folds down over itself though. That just seems to add a bit of bulk where nobody in their right mind should want an extra bit of bulk. But oh, are they comfy!

Dan and I were at a Christmas party at church recently. A little band was playing songs as we ate. They started playing Could I Have This Dance? and I was the one who knew it was Anne Murray's song. My mama would be so proud (because they're both Canadian, eh?).

I put the lights on the tree this week. I hate putting the lights on the tree. I don't know how to do it right. It always seems so sloppy to me. It's a job I dread. I can't let Dan do it though. I must retain all control when it comes to decorating the tree, no matter how much I hate it. I had gotten to strand of lights number three and then thought that I had done it all wrong. It didn't look like I was going to have the prongs at the end to plug into the wall. I took off two strands and then realized that I really didn't have to take them off. The Christmas tree stresses me out.

There's a place on my phone called Notepad where I sometimes write words to remind me of things that I need to do. The problem is that I forget that I wrote them there. Then I find them later and have no idea what I was trying to remember. Here's the list of words in the latest note I found for myself: flowers, danny, cave, gym, jeans, preschool, fan, crayons, recipe, grama, toenail, snow, yogurt. I have no idea what that was all about. None whatsoever.

Cate talks to Santa on my old cell phone. It goes a little something like this: Hello? Santa? You bring me presents? Yeah. Bye.

I don't really want to admit this but I'm thinking that maybe I'm kinda sorta starting to enjoy running. I still have to hold onto the treadmill handlebars because I feel like I'm falling off if I let go. The pros do not hold onto the handlebars. Actually, nobody around me ever holds on. It's a little bit embarrassing. I figure it's less embarrassing than falling off the treadmill so I just keep on holding on.

I watched my friend's girls the other night while she and her husband did a little Christmas shopping. I knew the girls had recently seen Tangled so I asked them how they liked it. The five-year-old told me it was sad at the end. I asked her why. She said that every time the girl got her hair cut, it got darker and darker. "What was sad? That her hair was short?" I asked. "No, that it was getting dark." I'm thinking this little blond girl does not believe that brunettes have more fun.

Danny wasn't happy with the chocolate milk I had made for him. He tasted it and gave it back. I asked him what was wrong with it. His reply, "It's not what I ordered!" Sheesh.

I washed my hair with kid shampoo this morning. After shampooing, I realized that what I thought was conditioner was just another bottle of shampoo. I used the kids' shampoo since it said shampoo and conditioner in one. I was a little worried. I'm happy to report that my hair has never been so silky smooth. That's good stuff.

I'm all done shopping for my kids' Christmas presents. That's a personal best for me. All but one of them have been wrapped too. Sometimes I amaze myself.


Zipdinger said...

My dad taught me how to do the lights: start by plugging them in, the stretch the strand over to where you want to start stringing them, and work from the bottom up. Much easier!!

colds1 said...

Um, I have an Alabama tee shirt. I got it for Christmas one year ... from my brother and sister-in-law.

Cathy said...

Zipdinger, bottom up sounds like a brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of that?

colds1, NO WAY this sister-in-law had anything to do with getting you an Alabama t-shirt. I'm pretty sure you have an Auburn one though. You could regift that Alabama one at a white elephant party. That's about all they're good for. Well, that and cleaning the kitty litter box.

colds1 said...

I'm pretty darn sure that I have an Alabama one ... I use it as a sleep shirt. Man, an Auburn one would have been cool though. :)

Cathy said...

I had nothing to do with the Alabama shirt. It must have been some kind of sick joke by Dan. It's risky using that thing as a sleep shirt. It probably gives you nightmares.

Janell R. Cropper said...

You're secretly starting to like running? You sound like me. And I must say, since I made Cate's War Eagle dress, I've decided that's enough to deem me a fan, and no long an indifferent. It's made for great discussion and trash talking among my college football frenzy fan friends.

Cathy said...

Hooray, Janell! You'll need to make a little War Eagle dress for Lillie now!

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I'm so confused. Are Bama and Auburn the same? Or do we just like Bama Grama? I think I should just delete this. I wondered why you said a Bama person would punch me if I said War Eagle to them. I better just hush in public.

I loved reading all your randomness. I miss you. What the heck are yoga pants I keep hearing about? I need them.

Cathy said...

Auburn University is located in the city of Auburn, Alabama. That's where I grew up. They're the Auburn Tigers when it comes to sports. Auburn fans say "War Eagle" to show team pride. The University of Alabama is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Sometimes they are referred to as Bama and they're the Crimson Tide. They say "Roll Tide." We love Grama Bama but she would never say Roll Tide. She's an Auburn Tiger so she says "War Eagle, baby!"

Hansen's blog said...

I think you were wise to not say "War Eagle" to a Bama fan. Those Bama people are rough rednecks, and she probably would have punched you out. I know this firsthand because my nephew ended up in the hospital last year after the big game when a Bama fan beat him senseless. Okay, maybe I know it secondhand, because I wasn't there. Anyway, I still don't trust Bama fans. Even the nice ones. They're just trying to lure you in. Plus, how could anyone in their right mind favor Bama?

Chrisanne said...

Ah Cathy you bring joy to my days when I read your posts. :) And take it from someone who tried to look behind them while running on a treadmill - the handlebars are your friend! I ended up underneath a ping pong table. :( I had reports of co-workers -it was a company gym- trying to sweet talk staff out of the security tape, oh the endless replay that would have occurred...