Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my main man

I'm not one to get all mushy and touchy-feely on this blog.
It's not my style.
I prefer to keep my true feelings buried deep down inside.
They like it there.

I think it's high time I make a small exception and put a few of my innermost feelings on display.
You're welcome in advance.

This is my main man, Dan.
He's a keeper.
I know a lot of you women folk reading this think you have the best husbands.
You might have good ones but I've got you beaten.
Yours can't compete with mine.
{not that it's a competition and anyone's keeping score...but just in case}

Sense of humor

Big check!

Good looks
Hubba hubba!
I mean check check!

Kind, forgiving, honest, loving

Loves his mother-in-law
{even though he doesn't let her win at Scrabble}

And if all that isn't enough, he's pretty much the best father ever.
I love that he's teaching our son all about respecting the women in his life,
you know, showing by his example how special they are.
How to appreciate their talents and hard work.

Case in point: a little conversation I had recently with Danny

He called you ma'am.
{referring to the FedEx guy who brought an early Christmas present to my doorstep on Monday}

Yeah. He did.

But girls aren't ma'ams.

What are they?

They're babes!

* * * * * * * * * *

Now if he could just teach Danny how to have better aim.
Or is that asking too much?

I might have to teach that little boy a thing or two myself.
Starting with how to clean a toilet.


Judy said...

Oh, so sweet. Dan's awesome.

Cathy said...

Yes, he certainly is.

Cat Glazner said...

aww..that is sweet! Good hubbies are awesome. =)

JCM said...

Very sweet Cathy. I agree - you have the best husband! I can say that because I'm not married. I also think he's a fabulous brother-in-law!

Dan said...

Aw shucks!

You're such a babe!


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Now, that's a fine looking school picture! :) And a fine man for a fine woman. You're so fine you blow my mind.