Monday, December 6, 2010

meatballs in water

You thought this was going to be another boring recipe post, huh?
Don't worry, Uncle Tim.
It's not.

It's just another boring "oh, my kids say the funniest things" post instead.

Catie Bug, can you help me clean up the legos?


Why not?

My too wittle.

You're too little?

Yeah. My can't. My too wittle.

Where does she come up with this stuff?
She ended up helping me clean up, despite her wittle size.

{random thoughts from Danny's brain}

When I'm 99 am I going to have big big shoes?


How many are you, Mama?


When I'm firty-seben am I going to have big shoes like you?

Probably even bigger.

Speaking of shoes...

We were getting our shoes on to leave the house yesterday.
I don't remember what happened.
Obviously something quite funny, to which Danny replied:

It's funnier than meatballs in water!

(That might seem like something funny to him. To me, it seems quite disgusting.)

p.s. If you want some tasty meatballs (much tastier than meatballs in water), try these.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Could I have your kids for a while? I would update my blog about them for you daily.

Cathy said...

Be my guest, Arlene. Are they old enough to stick on an airplane without adult travel companions?