Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmassy this and that

I had a little chat with Cate about the meaning of Christmas.
She then walked into the front room,
faced the tree and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

I came across these nativity cards on the world wide web.
I thought it would be a fun way to help us remember the reason for the season.
We played like Go Fish.
Jarrett (the 7-year-old) got quite frustrated that I let Cate play.
She just wanted to keep all her cards.
Danny didn't really get it either.
I think we'll play it like Memory next time.
And maybe I'll laminate them.
Cate's not very gentle with paper.

And now, Santa Pictures: 2010 Edition

Also known as My Kids Are Fraidy Cats
If Mama Had Known She'd Be In All The Pictures She Would Have Put a Little More Effort Into Her Appearance

At least Cate didn't cry.
She said the cutest thank you when Santa gave her the candy canes.

And then there's my little boy.
I prepped him for this big event.
He was happy about it.
He said he didn't want to sit on Santa but he'd tell him what he wanted.
I was totally ok with that.
He was looking forward to seeing Santa.
He lied.

It's a good thing Santa is so patient and kind.

Danny did better last year.
Still no lap sitting but he got close and kind of talked to the big guy.
Oh, well.

I took pictures of the kidlets before church on Sunday.
Here's my cute Cate.

And my darling Danny.
Look at that sweet smile!
See? It's possible. He can do it.
I can't remember what I bribed him with, but it worked.

The obligatory Put Your Arms Around Each Other picture.

Also known as Pretend You Actually Like Each Other.

Good grief.
They're killing me with cuteness.

In other news, Grama Bama and Grandpa are on their way.
They decided that they loved Laramie, Wyoming so much that they'd stay there an extra day.
Ordering room service.
Treating themselves to some much needed spa treatments.
Enjoying the beauty of Wyoming snow.
Eating bon bons.

I told the kids there was too much snow and the road was closed so that they wouldn't have their feelings hurt that their beloved grandparents weren't in more of a hurry to see them.

I'm not sure what Danny actually heard when I explained where they were though.
He told me that there was a big pile of snow by their door and they couldn't get out.
Ummmmm...that's possible but not exactly what I said.

We're praying for their safe arrival and hoping that they can muster up some excitement after leaving behind their beloved Laramie.

Remember how thrilled they were to get here last year?

And last but not least, I came across this Present Game.
I am most definitely going to be giving it a try with my kiddos some time in the next few days.

I'll even be kind and let them use some of my gift baxes for it.

By golly, my kids are going to learn how to be gracious gift givers and receivers, even if it kills me.

p.s. You all know I'm kidding about some of that stuff, right? Sometimes I worry that my pathetic attempts at humor just go whizzing on by leaving people scratching their heads and wondering why I am not more heavily medicated. Oh, well.


jenny said...

don't worry. i'm pickin up what you're throwin down!

Judy said...

Very funny post, thanks for the laughs. I love the picture of Danny, he looks so handsome. And I really like the present game idea, I'll try it out too.

colds1 said...

You were kidding about something? Now I've got to go back and figure out what it was ... darnit!

Hope your folks get through soon!

Chrisanne said...

It's been a few minutes and I still can't stop laughing about Danny's first picture shown with Santa! A true classic. I like looking up your blog in the morning because it helps put me in a good mood the rest the day :)

Hunnygrams said...

Me, too.

Kate Daly said...

I just love the holidays! Your kids are getting gigantic!! Cute Sunday best :)

Kevin said...

Is it just me or does Santa have bells on his boots?

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Laramie? Eouwww. I used to call it the armpit of WY. I hope you were kidding. ;)

Such good pictures. You're amazing. And skinny.