Wednesday, December 23, 2009

old saint nick

I prepped Danny for our visit with Santa a few days ahead of time.
I know my boy and I knew it was necessary.

you can sit on his lap
I want to dand {stand}

you can tell him what presents you want
I want heh-ree-ging {everything}

he might give you a candy cane
I don't wike dandy danes

he's a very nice man
no he not

After waiting a few minutes in line, here's what happened.

Danny stood.
he didn't get much closer than he was in the picture

He didn't say a word unless prompted by me or Santa.
eventually they talked about tools, of course

He turned down the candy cane.
the chocolate kisses were much more to his liking

Santa was very nice.
and very patient too

Then it was Cate's turn.
I think the picture says it all.
Poor kid.

Not quite as happy to sit on the big guy's lap as she was last year.

I can't wait to see what the great Santa picture of 2010 will bring.


JCM said...

Why do we torture our children this way? Don't talk to strangers, but go sit on the lap of this strange old man wearing a weird suit. And take candy from him? Insanity.

Cathy said...

We torture them because we love them. Same reason why they torture us.

Colorado Kid said...