Monday, December 21, 2009

the dead guy downstairs

Kris insisted that we go see the dead guy downstairs.

I've been to the visitors' center at Temple Square many times.
I couldn't remember ever seeing a dead guy or anything resembling a dead guy.

Down the escalator, around the corner, past the D.I. display
and there he was.

me: Oh, it's the Good Samaritan.

Kris: Yeah, and the dead guy!

Jarrett: Looks like he got punched in the face.

Kris: Yeah, by the Bad Samaritan.


Looks like the topic for the next Family Home Evening lesson just presented itself.


Dan said...

We do need a lesson on the Bad Samaritan. I can't remember any details about him. I know we could learn a lot from the story. We can also one of my favorite hymns, "Because I Stand in Need." I don't remember the words, but it's one of my favorites!

Judy said...

We do have a little book with the story that we'd actually read about a week ago. Apparently he missed the part about the guy not actually dying. They sure liked all the bruises and swollen eye and all that.