Friday, November 5, 2010

ten things I did this morning (in no particular order)

1. Woke up at 8:45 (that's after I woke up at 6:15 to make Dan's lunch and then went back to sleep). This is what I get for having kids who do not go to bed at 7:00 the night before (not even close). And because the sun is kind enough to stay behind the mountains until sometime around 8:00 every morning. Bless you, Fall and Winter. Bless you.

2. Thought about vacuuming Cate's mess of rice under the kitchen table. Leftovers from last night's dinner that didn't get cleaned up when it should have. Why I continue to let her eat rice is a mystery to me. Maybe because I love sweeping and vacuuming so much.

3. Ate two packets of Berry Blast flavored oatmeal. I bought it at the grocery store a few nights ago. Each box was 85¢ for 5 packets. I figured that was a good deal. I pay $10.00 at Costco for the ginormous box of 52 packets. Five of those are plain so I figure that's a total waste of money. Who eats plain oatmeal? Blech. So 85¢ for 5 packets sounded good to me. I bought 6 boxes. Listen to the flavors. Maple Streusel. Strawberries and Cream. Peaches and Cream. Apples and Cinnamon (my personal favorite so I bought 2 boxes). Berry Blast. And look at the little critters on the box of Berry Blast.

I'm a sucker for cute little space critters and smiling spoons.

4. Made a ham and mustard sandwich for Danny to eat for breakfast. His request. I figure it's pretty much the same thing as eating toast and bacon, just in different forms. Plus a little mustard never hurt anybody first thing in the morning.

5. Bagged up some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to deliver to a few people this afternoon. I may not be able to teach my kids to knit or sew or can tomatoes, but by golly they're going to know how to bake a batch of cookies, stick them in a bag, tie a ribbon on top and give them away. And if either of them is ever interested in learning how to play the piccolo in the marching band, I can teach them that too.

6. Started a load of laundry. Getting caught up after Tuesday's detour of washing all of Danny's blankets, pillow cases and a few pillows. How that child can puke on himself in the middle of the night and then just go right on sleeping I'll never know. He's feeling better now, thanks for asking.

7. Looked at my calendar and saw nothing written in the little box for today. Hooray! I get to do nothing today!

8. Had a little discussion with Danny about who loves whom more. Came to the conclusion that "to infinity and beyond" is the most you can love someone.

9. Examined the skin tag under my right eye. I think it's growing and it's grossing me out. Kind of looks like a booger on my face. Maybe a call to the dermatologist is in order. If you know me and I notice you staring at my skin tag, I'm not going to like it. A quick glance is understandable. Just don't stare. And don't tell me I have a booger on my face.

10. Preheated the oven so I can bake some banana yogurt muffins. I've got some semi-rotten bananas on the kitchen counter that will be put to good use this morning. I told Danny what I was going to bake and he said banana yogurt muffins are "deeeee-wish-us." Let's hope so.

And now I'm going to go brush my teeth because it's almost 10:00 and it seems like the right thing to do.


Glenora said...

With all those delicious flavors of oatmeal, maybe we can get grumpa to eat oeatmeal instead of stinky grits when we get there!

Cathy said...

Good idea! I was hoping you'd be giving me some advice about the skin tags though (since you're the reason I've got them).

Diane said...

I had one removed on my eyelid and it hurt worse than childbirth to get that sucker off and couldn't open my eye for a week. Looked like I was punched.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I would buy that for the boxes. And yes, bringing cookies to the neighbors is way more important than learning how to knit. And what 2 year old even LIKES things that are knitted (especially by me!)?

Cat Glazner said...

I have a few skintags. UGH. BUT my mom got them removed and she asked for a tropical numbing cream so she put it one BEFORE she went, and then with they gave her the numbing shot that didn't hurt, nor taking the tag off. =) You only have ONE too and it doesn't look like a booger!

Kevin said...

I use the plain oatmeal packets with whichever flavor is the strongest, it kind of dilutes it and uses up the plain ones!