Thursday, October 21, 2010

to do list: cake in a can

{thanks for the picture, plain chicken!}

Today is Grama Bama's birthday.
And Aunt Jenny's too.

Happy birthday, y'all!

If I had my act together, you would each be receiving a cake in a can today.

A birthday cake.
Baked in a can.
(not like a soup can, bigger than that)
Shipped in the mail.
To family members who live thousands of miles away.

What a great idea!

But I don't have my act together.
So the cake in a can is being added to my to do list.
Maybe next year.

Have a happy birthday anyway!

Here's a little birthday treat instead.

Two sweet little grandkids
(or nephews to Aunt Jenny)

The bottom one is my favorite.
Want to know how I got them to smile like that?

Instead of telling them to say cheese,
I told them to say boogers.

And they did.
And then they laughed.

Little boys are so easily amused.

I love it.


Arlene (CO Kid) said...

I volunteer to let you mail one to me to see how it holds up. :) I don't really like cake, but Carl loves it. That is so pretty. And so are those boys.

Dan said...

Those boys are very handsome!
They must get it from their father/uncle.

Cathy said...

Good idea, Arlene. I need to know Carl's birthday and favorite flavor of cake.

So true, Dan. So true.

Miranda said...

What? No way. In a can? For reals? I must know more. What if it doesn't ship well? Obviously I'm intrigued.