Monday, August 9, 2010

nine on the ninth

feeding the neighbor's cats first thing in the morning

a teeny tiny piece of banana cake for breakfast
(I'll cycle extra hard in my 5:00 class tomorrow morning as punishment,
as if going to a cycling class at 5:00 in the morning isn't punishment enough)

running around the house
(lots of it today)

the three little piggies

a bath in the middle of the day

sitting on the couch with my feet up
(hello, nap time. I've missed you so.)

enjoying the cloudy sky after naps
(hooray for not being roasted alive in the backyard for a change)

a bee sting on a little boy's ankle

a masterpiece


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I ADORE the three piggies!

Dan said...

2. I loved the cake!
4. I love the piggies!
6. Good luck with future nap times!
7. The clouds were nice.
8. Our son is sooooooo talented! (I know you love the extra o's!)

Ella said...

Why you go to a dreadful 5am class over a dreadful 6am class I will never understand.