Thursday, July 15, 2010

she's with child

{on June 21st, one month before the due date}

This is Judy.
She's my sister.
I'm seven years older than her.
In our adult lives, I've always been able to fit her shoes.
Winter coat.
Sweaters maybe.
Never pants.
Sometimes shirts, but not usually.

But now.
I weigh 9 pounds less than my drivers license says and 5 pounds less than I did at the end of forty by forty.
Go ahead. You can hate me.
And my pretty much 9 months pregnant sister is wearing the pants I fit into 6 months ago.
My old pants are now her maternity pants.

How's that for making me feel like a Fatty McFattington?

She says the butts of my too-big-for-me-now pants are too big for her (not my fault she's got no junk in her trunk).

That baby's coming out any day now. Dan's guess is Saturday night, just so we can all be extra tired for church on Sunday morning.

Whenever he comes, I know my newest nephew is going to be a cutie. How could he not?

And I'm pretty sure Judy won't be needing my fat pants much longer. Any takers?

How can you resist an offer like that?


Judy said...

You really could've tried again on the picture some time in the past month. I look drugged.

Aloha_Misty said...

You do not look drugged! I think you look beautiful. I am SO EXCITED and also SO SAD that I won't get to greet that little boy for awhile. So please post pictures of the little one! Please!

Cathy said...

Judy, just blame it on the hormones.

Misty, I'll be posting plenty of pictures of the little guy when he finally makes his appearance. Don't you worry.