Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little q and a

Does this mustache make my nose look fat?

The questions are real. I can't make this stuff up, people.*

What happens if you drink pee? from Danny, while he was sitting on the toilet

Why does Han Solo put Luke inside the animal? from Danny, because he's always thinking about Star Wars

If I was a big monster that was my mom's kid, what would you do? from Kris, and I have no idea what I would do

If I had four hands, what would you do? from Kris, because he's always thinking too, just not always about Star Wars

Remember when you caught my puke in your hands? from Danny, a few days after I caught his puke in my hands at our favorite Mexican restaurant

Did my mom fart a lot when she was a little girl? from Jarrett, and I can't really remember how much his mom farted when she was a little girl

Am I Cate's favorite human? from Jarrett, he thinks very highly of himself

Cousins can't marry each other, right? from Kris, maybe he needs to move to Alabama with Grama Bama

And finally, a little q and a conversation I had with Danny recently.

Why you got a lot of chocolate on your nose?

They're called freckles.

Pickles? Why they called pickles?

*Ok. So I made up the question about the mustaches. The rest of them really happened.

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Dan said...

Does Jarrett's mom fart a lot now? That's the really important question.