Thursday, June 17, 2010

a special birthday giveaway

an adorable little three-year-old me, June 1976

My birthday is in 2 days. I'll be 37. I've been ok with all my other birthdays in the thirties. I'm feeling differently about this one.

I don't like being an odd age. I like even numbers. Some of my family members (and maybe a few friends) know this weirdness about me. I'm convinced that the years when I'm an even age will be better than the odd ones. I can't really look back and prove anything was worse in my life in the odd years. It's just a feeling. I'm coming up on an odd one so I'm feeling it again.

I was ok with 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35. 36 was sort of ok because it was pretty close to 35 and that's not terribly old. But 37 is really close to 40. It's practically knocking on 40's door, asking to borrow some Depends and a squirt of denture cream. (No offense to the 37 and older crowd. It's just how I feel about me.)

So I'm going to try something on this here blog to ease my way into being an odd number (and the possibility of a year filled with doom and gloom and overall bad luck).

Doesn't it seem like the coooool bloggers are hosting giveaways nowadays (although not all of them are cool and some of the cool ones never do it). But I totally want to be cool (or at least make people think I am).

So here it goes.

My very first giveaway ever!

But I'm doing things a little differently.

For my very first giveaway ever, I want you to tell me what you would like to giveaway to me for my birthday.

See how that's different? Instead of me giving you something, you get to give me something (or at least tell me what you would like to give me if money grew on trees and you really did care enough to send the very best).

Keep in mind, forty by forty might be officially over, but I've got some skinny jeans that I have to keep fitting into for at least another 3 years. I'll give them up when I'm 40 because I'm pretty sure that's the cut off for wearing skinny jeans.

A little warning: if any of you tell me you'd like to give me a knuckle sandwich, a hurts donut, a swirly, a package of Depends or a tube of denture cream, you will be deleted, unfriended and off my Christmas card list. Forever.

To enter my first giveaway ever, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. And since I'm feeling generous, you can enter as many times as you want. No limit to the number of birthday gifts, wishes or pleasantries you can bestow upon me.

And since you're all giving stuff to me, I don't even have to pick a winner. I'm the winner!

You have until Saturday at 11:54 p.m. to enter. I'm hoping for good stuff here, people. Don't let me down.

It's going to be a rough year.


Christie said...

Ha! We are the exact same age almost. I turn 37 in November.

I think I would like to show up on your doorstep, with a good book wrapped in pretty paper, and take you to lunch. I think you and I would get along in real life. Sigh.

Happy 37th!

Hansen's blog said...

I still remember in college when you begged me to let you write me a check for something like 19 cents so your check book balance would end on an even dollar amount! I would buy you a muffin top pan and some other cool baking accessories. Can't believe it has almost been a quarter of a century since I first met you, and, unfortunately, I haven't seen you in about 13 years! Have a happy birthday. You don't look a day older than 28. I'd say 29, but that is an odd number. :)

meeyeehere said...

I got you this lovely scrabble pendant! It has a lovely picture of a silver fish. It's all glittery!!! Do you mind that I am wearing it?? ha! Happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

You are sooo COOL!

I'll give you new skinny jeans,
calorie-free chocolate-covered pomegranates, and time away from your adorable (but exhausting) children so you can spend time with your hunky husband (or just be away from the kids)!

Dan said...

I'd tell you what I'll give you, but I forgot what you told me you were giving to you from me.

Barty Family said...

Remember I have 6 months on you. Don't worry The depends aren't as bad as you think. You never have to use a public bathroom. Who was it that said we'd be wearing depends and waiting for the mail? Don't we have a picture depicting that? What a great idea. I'm really going to have to think of the best gift for you and get back to you. Does it count that I'm coming to see you next week?

Diane said...

I would give you a day at the spa getting a pedicure with me, your favorite sister-in-law ( or at least I like to think so ;-) since you know how much I like those relaxation things. it girl this year I turn the big 4-0 and there is no way I am getting anywhere near the Depends aisle, you'll have to kill me first! Happy Birthday :D

Michelle said...

ok I think I have it. I'd give you a black and green Volvo station wagon with tons of Lindor balls and Ben and Jerry's NYSFC in the trunk. They would all be calorie free, but still satisfying. Then I would jump out of the bushes say "We're going on a road trip!" Your kids would be taken care of and Dan would be taken care of, so you wouldn't have anything to worry about. Then we'd probably visit really fun amusement parks and go on the spinny rides. Then when you get back I'd close down Walmart for everyone but you, and you could go shopping and buy anything you want and not have to talk to anyone. Finally when you get back to your house, it's cleaner than when you left and everyone's closets are still organized and everyone missed you and loves you.

Judy said...

For your birthday I will do all my own laundry this week (unless you come tomorrow and do some). And all my dishes (I did them yesterday but now the sink is plum full again). And Kris says we should get you a new iron because your old one is really old. He says it still works (does it?) but he thinks you need a nice new one (I thought you didn't iron ever anyway). And for your birthday I will come to your house and eat strawberry shortcake or angel food cake or whatever you didn't make for Dan and then you can just eat strawberries and not have to feel guilty (plus I hear angel food cake isn't that bad for you). 5ish okay with you? And Jarrett says he will get you some new utensils, like forks and spoons and new plates, but Kris says no new big bowls because you have way too many already. And I'll get you an iphone (assuming my money tree is ready for harvesting by then).

Dan said...

I like the Michelle's give-away, except for the "Dan would be taken care of" comment. What does that mean? Am I going to be taken to the pound to be put down? or does it mean someone will change my Depends for me and feed me my mashed peas for supper?

Barty Family said...

Duh Dan! Since you're already 40 it means that someone will change your depends for you. Nobody's going to put you down unless it's the Friday night Smack down.

bryceandjamie said...

Happy Birthday! 37 sounds like a lucky number to me, so maybe it'll be a super year. I hope so. I love the picture of you as a little 3 year old...SO adorable! Have a great birthday Cathy!

colds1 said...

Darn! Michelle took mine! Well, except the Walmart part. I would send you to Target or maybe The Container Store or even Costco with a limitless credit card that someone else gets the bill for. Oh, and you'd have to go with Michelle on the spinny rides, because I don't really like some of them and Dan could stay at my house with the kids (hence your house still being clean), but I don't change Depends ... Happy Birthday!

Debra said...

I must have the same problem as you do with the odd numbers. Although, usually they're okay. Maybe it's just my age that can't be an odd number. I was ok with 32, but 33 sounds much older. I would give you a new birth year that you could change whenever you needed to, if I could do so without altering the time-space continuum (is that spelled right, because it doesn't look right). You don't look old and you don't act old, so then you just wouldn't be old, unless you wanted to collect social security early, which may be wise anyway since it will all be gone by the time we get there. Have a Happy Birthday and I hope you get lots of great gifts, or at least a few minutes to yourself.

Aloha_Misty said...

I would give you a weeks supply of Ben and Jerry's ice cream...sick kids on your birthday is just not fair! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being so incredibly wonderful to dave and judy!

Christina said...

That is the cutest childhood picture ever. I would give you a night out on the town with Dan. Fancy new skinny clothes for your skinny self, a delicious fancy dinner, and tickets to something fabulous. And I'd watch your kids. And I'll still do that last part, even minus the clothes, dinner, and tickets. Hope you survived the day- I hope you get a make up birthday because seriously, sick kids pretty much cancels any celebratory feelings.

Arlene (CO Kid) said...

Since you used your 3 year old picture, and it's an odd number, I give you the gift of loving odd numbered years of life. I think this will be one of the best years you will ever have. I know. Because I'm way older than you. I hope you enjoy this year as much as year #3.

Kevin said...

Sorry I missed the deadline, but your present is the truth behind the odd number phenomena! The trick is that odd numbered years are only bad when they are not prime numbers. So enjoy this year, because your next good odd year isn't until 41! (41 is also good because you will no longer be 40.)