Thursday, May 6, 2010

weight control

In my search for pictures of Dan to post for tomorrow's flashback on a friday (since his birthday is Sunday and I want him to get all the attention he so rightly deserves), I came across this five day low calorie diet plan. I'm thinking it was Grama Bama's since "G. Clark" was written in a corner at the top of the page.

If only I had five more days left before the end of forty by forty...

I think my favorites are Monday's chopped banana seeds, Tuesday's glass of dehydrated water, Wednesday's bee's knees and mosquito knuckles, Thursday's boiled-out stains of an old table cloth, and Friday's lobster antennae.

Mmmmmmm. A seven ounce glass of steam sounds delicious right about now.

1 comment:

Dan said...

May I have extra pickled hummingbird tongue tonight?
I loved the boiled-out stains I had for breakfast this morning.
I can't wait for my aroma of empty custard pie plate!
This 40 by 40 plan hasn't been bad at all!