Thursday, May 27, 2010

ten things that make me nervous

(or at least just make me feel like laying on my bed and covering my face for the day like Baby Cat does)

1. Wearing skinny jeans (and I don't just mean the jeans that you used to fit into but got too fat for them and now you fit them again so you call them your skinny jeans...actual skinny jeans) to an event tonight

2. People seeing me in those jeans and thinking I'm an old lady trying her darndest to look young (but failing miserably)

3. The fact that darndest has a little squiggly line under it when I type it

4. Color enhancing my grayish roots by myself instead of having a professional do it for me

5. People coming into my backyard to pick up their kids who were over to play and having them (the grown ups, not the kids) see the disaster area of weeds and crud

6. Leaving my little darlings for the day on Saturday to go to my meeting (although they'll be in the very capable and very loving hands of their father)

7. Dirty bathrooms and the fact that we might have company on Saturday while I'm gone and they might see the dirty bathrooms (because I'm too nervous about other stuff to clean them)

8. My little darlings having bedtime on Saturday night without me (although I know their loving, capable father will do a stellar job...I'm still nervous)

9. Danny not telling my friend (who is kind enough to tend my little darlings) that he needs to use the bathroom tomorrow and having an accident in his pants

10. Being in a social situation (the event tonight and the meeting the next two days) and knowing almost nobody and looking like a big goober

And one bonus thing (that makes me happy, not nervous):

Cate pooped on the potty! She's pooped on the potty once at church but this is the first time at home. Is my daughter going to be potty trained a full year before her brother was? I certainly hope so.


Christina said...

No disaster area, seriously. Come check out my backyard- or front yard even- to feel better. Can't wait to have a fun couple of days with you!

Zipdinger said...

1- You're NOT an old lady. Don't ever say that again - if you pass for old that means I do, too, which I cannot accept.

2- If I could even pretend to pull off skinny jeans, I would wear them right along with you! :)

3- Have fun this weekend! You deserve it!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

u, my dear, did NOT look like a goober...alone. we ALL did. bloggers are ALL goobers. thats why i loved it so much :)

Dan said...

Can you delete the previous comment.
It scares me!