Monday, May 3, 2010

fun for kids: marshmallow toothpick sculptures

I made a house.

Kris made a house.

Cate destroyed my house.

I made some mini barbells.

Kris made something else.

Danny stabbed lots of marshmallows.

Then he got bored.

Cate put lots of marshmallows in her mouth.
Then she spit them out.

All that lasted about 10 minutes.
I spent at least that long picking up marshmallows and toothpicks off the floor
and wiping white sticky goo off of Cate's chair.

I was hoping my little crafty/artsy/stuckinthehousebecausetheweatherstinks project would last longer than 10 minutes.
It didn't.

I get points for trying though, right?

Summer, please get here soon.


bryceandjamie said...

Fun idea and edible too!! Yum!

Kendra said...

I presented your blog with an award today! Come check it out. :)