Friday, April 30, 2010


Don't let that sweet little face fool you.
I'm pretty sure this little girl is suffering from a bad case of

Early On-set Terrible Twos.

She insists on climbing into her car seat unassisted.
If you try to help, you hear

"No, me!"

She struggles to get the straps over her shoulders.
If you try to help, you hear

"No, me!"

She fumbles with the metal buckle thingees.
If you try to help, you hear

"No, me!"

She wants to put on her shoes by herself.
She ends up with them on the wrong feet (or not even being able to get them on at all).
If you try to help, you hear

"No, me!"

She tries to put her pants on by herself.
She ends up with both legs stuffed into one leg (does that make sense?).
If you try to help, you hear

"No, me!"

She's gotten pretty good at saying mine also.

She actually cares which clothes I pick out for her to wear.
She's not allowed to do that yet, right?
If I pick out a dress, she says no and goes into the drawer for something else.
Most times, she chooses her piggy jammies.
Every time, she ends up wearing the clothes I picked out...and crying about it.
I know, it's a tough life.

She thinks it's funny to not give me a kiss when I ask for one.
Of course, I kiss her anyway.
Then she wipes the kiss away!
Who taught her such nonsense?

And then there's my little boy...

He's suffering from a bad case of

I'll Do What I Want, When I Want To Or Else

I don't like it. It's not good.
He's spent a lot of time in his room lately.
By himself.
Without Star Wars toys to keep him company.
The light sabers have been put away, maybe forever.

This picture was taken on Sunday at Cousin Andrew's farewell family gathering.
We just wanted a picture of all the cousins together one last time.
(Ok, so there might be more pictures of all the cousins together but not for at least 2 years.)

Danny did not want to participate.
Dan held him. He cried. He squirmed. He was seriously not happy.

To those of you who witnessed the fit he was pitching, I'm sorry.
It was embarrassing. It was ugly.
I feel like the most craptastic mother ever.

I love my kids.

They're kind and loving and sweet and good.
I love them.
I'm grateful to be their mom.
Right now, they're just making me prove it.

Heaven help me when the teenage stuff happens.
I'm gonna need it.
Mostly because I'll be pushing 50 and suffering from a bad case of

Holy Crap I'm Old

p.s. I did have a better picture from Andrew's farewell. Stephanie's eyes were open. Melissa was smiling at the camera. Rusty, Ricky and Billy were too. I chose this one because I think Dan looks quite handsome in it. And in the end, that's really all that matters.


Dan said...

Thanks for posting the good picture of me.

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

I was thinking Dan looked oblivious to everything going on, his eyes focused on his craptasticly beautiful wife and thinking, "my woman is amazing to deal with the fruit of my loins and keep her sense of humor."

Am I allowed to write that on here?

colds1 said...

I actually noticed how nice Dan looked in this one ... good choice!

colds1 said...

Oh, and you are SO not a craptastic mom ... but that is a really cool word!

Judy said...

Your kids are angels when they're at my house. Danny is so scared of Dave he doesn't dare resist any request or question. Cate obviously doesn't see me enough to resist my help. Dan looks great in the photo, and I noticed he is looking slimmer too.

Marisa@make*happy said...

We know well the tragedy of Early Onset Terrible Twos. Both my kids were stricken with that horrendous disease. Luckily, we all survived. But just barely. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cathy, you are so silly! And according to the writing I read one time in my babybook, I use to do the same thing to Dad in the morning! He's ask for a kiss and I would say, "No, no!" If he didn't ask I would run after him for one, and then either way, the kiss was wiped off with a clever (and compassionate) "Yucky!" LOL! It must be genetic! Suzy