Thursday, April 8, 2010

love this girl

I sure do love this little girl.

Even when she keeps me up at night.
Twice in one night.

Even when I have to clean puke off her blankets.
And out of her hair.

I might love her even more
{although I'm not sure that's even possible}
if she'd let me get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

That's what I'm hoping for.
But even if she doesn't,
I'll still love her.

Just look at that face.
How could I not?


Dan said...

She's got my eyebrows!

It's hard to love someone who keeps you up at night. I know all about it; my wife's snoring can raise the dead!

Cathy said...

You mean she has your unibrow. And I won't dignify your snoring remarks with a response.

Colorado Kid said...

She's a beauty. Did you use macro? Dan snores so loudly, we can hear him 1500 miles away!

Kathleen said...

She is absolutely adorable! Great photo

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

her eye lashes are frickin' cute. fo sho.