Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm headed for crazytown

and this little girl is my chauffeur
(or my chauffeuse...according to the Wictionary)

Don't let that smiling face fool you.
At 5:03 yesterday afternoon, it was accompanied by
and a little bit of crying.

And then more whining.

Ever tried to make dinner with a little head where it doesn't belong
and two arms clinging tightly to your legs?
It ain't easy and it ain't fun.

All this after she woke up from a nap maybe 30 minutes earlier.
A good nap.
A two and a half hour nap.
And she woke up happy.

I don't get it.

So I'm coming up with a plan.
If I'm supposed to make dinner from now until forever,
I'm going to need a Supper Nanny.
Not a Super Nanny.
A Supper Nanny.

Someone to play with this little girl.
Someone to feed her fishy crackers.
Someone to give her juice
or milk
or water
or whatever her little heart desires.
Someone to keep her happy
so I can make dinner.

It's either that or the whole family is going on a diet.
(not just me and Dan this time)

I'm thinking the Subway diet would be nice.
I'm not sure Danny and Cate would enjoy eating sandwiches every night.

Someone's already started the Taco Bell diet.
That one could be messy so I'm thinking nope.

I'm leaning towards the McDonald's diet.
Drive thru on the nights we're busy.
Go in and play on the nights we're not.
Sounds perfect.

I'd hate to ruin all the Forty by Forty fun we've been having though.
So who would like to sign up to be Cate's Supper Nanny?

Or maybe just a housekeeper will suffice.

Someone to clean up all the messes this little girl makes
when she finally gets distracted enough to let me cook.

But she's cute and I love her so...

who's up for fries and chicken nuggets?
I'll drive.


Judy said...

Crazy idea...Dan could be the Supper Nanny. Or is he too busy reading the newspaper at that time of day?

Cathy said...

He's not home yet at that time of day. Maybe I should have added that I only need the Supper Nanny from now until school is done in June. That's when it will become Dan's job. Or you could send Jarrett over on his bike to do it. I hear he got the training wheels off!

Candis Ellis said...

In all seriousness...bring her to my place!!

I honestly need to return like the 100 favors you have done for me, and let's face it, it's not like I'm cooking! :)

Cathy said...

Candis, you're my new Supper Nanny! Hooray! I'll only be able to pay you in blessings though. That's how all good moms get paid anyway.

Colorado Kid said...

Your legs are super skinny!

Cathy said...

They're not really skinny, Arlene. It's trick photography.

JCM said...

I'm officially signing up for the supper or super or whatever nanny.

Cathy said...

Hooray! Two Super Supper Nannies! I'm the luckiest girl ever.