Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the words right out of my mouth

You guys, don't step on Cate!

{after I heard Kris say, "If you step on her with just one foot it won't hurt."}

Cate, we don't eat glue.

{after I saw Cate attempting to make a glue stick part of her mid-morning snack}

How are you going to go pee with your roller blades on?

{after Kris refused to take his roller blades off to go to the bathroom}

You're not Hansel and Gretel.

{after I saw Danny walking around dropping fishy crackers on the carpet for Cate to pick up}

Why did you pee on the chair?

{after I saw Danny bottomless on the chair in his room, sitting next to a big wet spot}

He had woken up way too early this morning. I ignored him, hoping he'd just play with toys until the sun came up. I was busy savoring a few more minutes in my warm cozy bed. Serves me right. He needed to pee. I guess it made perfect sense to him to remove his night time pull-up and just pee on the chair.

Tomorrow I'm going to just keep my mouth shut.


Candis Ellis said...

I have to admit...that picture kind of scares me, but the truth is, I have never heard you 'yell'. Maybe I can come over sometime and check it out :)

Colorado Kid said...

I love when you start my mornings with some laughs! AWESOME picture! heh heh heh (I might have to listen to myself today!)

Cathy said...

If you come over, Candis, I won't yell in front of you. I'm too classy for that. Just come stand outside, close to a door or window. Then you'll really get an earful.

Cathy said...

Listen to yourself, C.K. I'm sure you won't sound as ridiculous as I do.

designHER Momma said...

that picture? Love it. (and I feel like I yell at my kids all the time.)

Zipdinger said...

It's all about keeping a sense of humor with kids! (and it seems like you're doing a great job of that.) It's either laugh or cry, right??