Friday, February 5, 2010

gymnastics and other stuff

Today was Danny's first gymnastics class.
I took this picture before it started.
This was his only smile during the whole class.

He sat on his knees on that piece of green carpet.
He watched the other kids
(8 boys and 6 girls...because I know Dan will ask).
He watched the teacher do warm-up exercises.
He just sat and watched.
No participation.
Just sitting and watching.

He didn't scoot into the center of the mat with the other kids.
He just sat on his knees on the little piece of carpet.
One of the teachers came over to bring him into the group.
He walked over with her
(with his head hung down and his shoulders slumped over).

Then everyone stood up to be divided amongst the teachers (there's 3 of them).
I watched as kid after kid after kid was chosen and placed with a teacher.
Danny watched too.
All the way until the end of the choosing.
He was the very last kid to be assigned a teacher.
I felt really really badly for him.
Being chosen last sucks.
Hopefully he doesn't know that yet.

He walked on the balance beam and jumped off some big square blocks.
He did a lot of sitting and waiting for his turn.
His teacher helped him swing on the bars.
He waited some more.

Then he'd had enough.
The teacher got my attention and said he wanted me.
He was done.
He just wanted to go home.
Bribing him with a donut didn't even work.
We'll try again next week.
Good thing I only paid for a month.

On to the other stuff...

Danny and Cate took a bath this week.
Great news, right?

I took pictures this time because they were actually playing together and being nice to each other.

Cate got stuck in her baby doll stroller.
I was in the kitchen when I heard her whimpering.
I told Danny to knock it off and stop hurting her.
He said he wasn't.
I didn't believe him.
I heard more whimpering, mixed in with a little crying.
I told him to leave her alone again.
He said he wasn't doing anything.
I went into the front room and saw this.
I took a picture before I helped her out because that's the kind of mom I am.

This is what Cate does when we go outside to get into the truck.
She takes off running down the sidewalk.
I don't like it when she does that.
She's fast.

And she's cute.


Anonymous said...

I recall you at your first and second and third....gymnastics class - sit and watch was the name of the game.

Cathy said...

Is that you, my anonymous mother? If I did have to sit and wait, I was probably way better at it than Danny. He's lousy at it.