Saturday, February 20, 2010

our week in review


ate popcorn for breakfast one morning

puked at bedtime two nights in a row
(and I'm really not happy about it)

got her hair trimmed

spent some time with her beau on the way to playgroup
(she even tried to hold his hand)

discovered that she likes to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast
(no more popcorn)

said "no" for the first time ever


tried so hard to get into the conversation with the big kids
(on the walk to playgroup)

had an appointment with the dentist
(no cavities)

had an appointment with the ENT because of the hole in his eardrum
(come back in 6 months to see if it's healed, be careful swimming this summer)

got his hair trimmed

missed his nap two days in a row because of the previously mentioned appointments
(and went to bed before 7:30 on those nights...woo hoo!)

figured out how to do a modified "Rock On" sign with his fingers
(and he was so proud of himself)


had an appointment with the dentist
(who happens to be his first mission they are 20 years ago)

ironed some shirts

only went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday
(thanks to President's Day and a conference in Salt Lake)

used Cate to do his bench presses
(or whatever it is you call those)


exercised on the elliptical machine next to someone who burned 1,003 calories in 45 minutes
(1,003 calories!)

plugged in the scanner
(and learned how to use it)

ate some chocolate
(and I blame Candis for it)

spent too much time going to appointments

was happy to find out that Grama Bama has no plans to go to the hospital again any time soon

made quiche for the first time ever
(apparently one pound of bacon in a quiche is a bit much...who knew?)


Christina said...

Love this week in review. And I really wasn't trying to dis the pound of bacon. When I'm back on dairy I plan to make that quiche in all it's glory, heavy cream and all. Ok, maybe half and half. And I really don't know if I can put a whole pound of bacon in. Maybe 3/4 of a pound. And maybe just because I'd get tired cooking a whole pound of bacon at once.

Candis Ellis said...

So many many things to love about this post :) Cate and Chomp: a match made in heaven, the boys: too cute, and I LOVED Dan's mission comp pictures.

Sorry about the chocolate, not sorry about the bacon.

Cathy said...

I'm never sorry about the bacon, Candis. The chocolate was divine (for my tastebuds, not my thighs).

Christina, you have to cook the bacon in the oven. Just slap that entire pound on a cookie sheet and walk away. Enjoy the aroma without getting tired of cooking. Then you'll be tempted to use the whole pound in your dairy-filled quiche.

JCM said...

I love you guys. Can Ethan & I move in? Kidding. Ok, sort of kidding.

Cathy said...

You can move in, Jenny. We've got a couch and plenty of floor space for Ethan to camp out in his sleeping bag.

JCM said...

ok so we're coming in June. be prepared!