Friday, February 19, 2010

the language explosion

When Danny was around 18 months old, his Uncle Tim informed me that my son was entering into the phase of a language explosion. He'd be learning to say lots of new words. And that's what happened.

Cate has experienced a small explosion lately and it's quite fun to see (and hear). I've been trying to teach her to say please in sign language. That's why she's rubbing her tummy when she attempts to say it. She's already got the sign for "more" down pat.



Dan said...

Oh man! She wouldn't say daddy.
Very cute. Thanks for recording it.

Cathy said...

"Daddy" just comes out as "Ba-ba-ba-ba" anyway.

JCM said...

I love it! Ethan watched this with me and was positive that Cate learned all her sign language from him. He was also quite surprised that she wasn't asking "Moi ice pease" as that was his first "sentence." Teach that girl about ice would ya? When Ethan comes in a few months I'm sure he'll be learnin her good!

Cathy said...

We don't do ice around here, Jenny. No ice maker on the fridge and I forget to fill up the ice trays. I can't even teach her about icicles because they've all melted. What's the sign for ice anyway?