Friday, January 29, 2010

two moms

Kris and his #1 mom

Kris: Me and Jarrett decided that when we're big, we're gonna live together.
With Savannah {I'm thinking that's his girlfriend}
and Millie {their neighbor, maybe Jarrett's girlfriend}.
In a big house.
With all our kids.

me: Why do you want to do that?

Kris: Cuz then all our kids could play together and they would have two moms.

me: Oh. {wondering where this kid comes up with this stuff}

Kris: {after a moment of silence} I wish I had two moms.

This from a kid who sees his mom in the morning,
spends most of the day with his mom's sister (that's me),
and then spends the rest of the evening with his mom.

He's around a mom-ish person for most of the day.
He even used to tell people I was his other mom.

Go figure.

Looks like this kid's gonna enjoy having a mother-in-law.


Dan said...

Who could enjoy having a mother-in-law?
Besides you, of course.

Cathy said...

I might be the only one, Dan.

Colorado Kid said...

I talked about my in-laws in church yesterday! haha I lucked out, though. As you both have.

How did I forget you have a sister here? You guys have good genes! Did you grow up modeling?

Cathy said...

We didn't grow up modeling. I'm saving that one for my next career. I had a professor once tell me that if teaching doesn't work out for me I could always be a model. I might have to be a model for dentures and Depends though.