Sunday, January 31, 2010

our week in review


learned how to make the Vulcan salute (such talent at a young age)
did not puke at bed time all week long (hallelujah)
found a deeper interest in books (especially when Dan reads them to her)
found a deeper interest in her baby dolls (holding them, feeding them, pushing them in the stroller)
stayed in nursery without puking on the teacher (she did that last week...the puking part)

goals for this week:
learn how to say "live long and prosper" to go along with the salute
continue to not puke at bed time


took care of business in the bathroom all week long (hallelujah)
talked to an ambulance driver in the grocery store parking lot (later asked if we could bring that ambulance driver some cookies at the fire station)
made a visit to the audiologist and discovered the reason for his hearing loss (a hole in his eardrum...imagine that)
woke up before 6:45 three times (that's an hour earlier than usual)
got signed up for a gymnastics class (starts Friday)

goals for this week:
play with toys quietly in his bedroom until the sun comes up
be a happy participant in the gymnastics class


spent lots of quality time with the kids (without me...hallelujah)
exercised a lot (such determination)
stayed awake during church meetings (mostly)
read lots and lots and lots of books to Cate (even though it's the same ones over and over and he's getting tired of them)
had wrinkle-free shirts to wear to work (thanks to me finally doing some ironing)

goals for this week:
continue exercising a lot
spend even more quality time with the kids (without me)


made dinner four times (that's a personal best)
resisted the cinnamon gummy bears (except once when I had a headache)
scrubbed the bathtub (the chore I despise)
only ate 1 1/2 chocolate chip cookies (that's also a personal best)
saw a movie with a friend one night after exercising (still wearing the clothes I exercised in)

goals for this week:
shower and change my clothes before going out for the evening
do not scrub the bathtub


Ella said...

Funny as always. Goal for this week: Watch creepy Benjamin Linus and love every minute of it!!

Candis Ellis said...

Very good goals...I am going to attempt the ironing one :) yikes. Well maybe I should first even DO the laundry.

Cathy said...

Creepy Benjamin Linus...yes, please.

Laundry and, thanks!

Colorado Kid said...

You're my goal hero.

Cathy said...

Good to know, C.K. In case you were wondering, my other goals for the week are to continue to resist the cinnamon gummy bears and to NOT make any more chocolate chip cookies.

Judy said...

I only ate one of your chocolate chip cookies this week. And only one of the peanut butter cookies that you made. Scrubbing the tub is one of my favorites! If you'll do my ironing I'll scrub your tub.

Cathy said...

Judy, I hate ironing even more than I hate scrubbing the tub.