Wednesday, December 2, 2009

up in the night

So here's what my little stinker angel looks like the morning after she spent

three hours

alternating between

awake and crying,

asleep (until she was put back in bed)

and crawling around on the floor

in the middle of the night.

It might have been more though.

I haven't reset my alarm clock since the time change last month.

Does that mean it might have been less then? I don't know.

I'm too tired for math.


Dan said...

You didn't mention that Danny also was up.
Why do our children torture us?

Some may call this payback, but I was a good kid. Just ask my mother. I didn't cry at night. If I woke up I would just play quietly. So, Love, it must be your fault.

Cathy said...

They torture us because they can.