Monday, December 28, 2009

from sunday to sunday

Here's our week in review:

Sunday, December 20th

welcomed Grama Bama and Grandpa after their long and tiring journey
made Christina's chicken pot pie for dinner (so yummy)
took a trip to Temple Square to listen to Judy play her flute
tried to entertain a few bored kids with the food display
wondered what exactly TURKEY CHUNKS and BEEF CHUNKS are

managed to not lose any kids in the swarms of people at Temple Square
saw the dead guy downstairs

Monday, December 21st

slept in until 8:40 (my children really do love me!)
played at McDonald's to celebrate Kristopher's 5th birthday
took pictures of my daughter because she's 18 months old
laughed when she cried because I wouldn't let her hold the camera

ate chicken pot pie leftovers for dinner (still yummy)

Tuesday, December 22nd

slept in until 8:40 (amazing, I know!)
dropped kids off at Judy's house so they could spend some quality time with the grandparents
ran a few errands alone (amazing, I know!)
cursed the snow for making me drive in it
wrapped presents while the kids napped
visited with Santa

ate taquitos for dinner at Cocolito's
went shopping with Candis at Target at 10:30 in the p.m.

Wednesday, December 23rd

woke up before 8:40
took the kids to their doctor's appointment
discovered that Danny has hearing loss in his right ear and now needs to see an audiologist
cursed Canyons School District for making Dan work today
spent time with the cousins and grandparents
assembled a gingerbread house
watched Kris attempt to eat a piece of the roof that was as big as his head

laughed when Grama Bama told me I missed a spot with the it was going to make a difference in the outcome
cursed that stupid green frosting for being way too thick and way too difficult to pipe
gave up on perfection once again

watched Danny become a master at paper cutting
watched Cate pick up Danny's scraps one at a time and throw them in the garbage

ate crock pot chicken for dinner
wrapped more presents
went to bed way too late

Thursday, December 24th

slept in until 8:40 (again!)
played with the grandparents and cousins while Dan did his Christmas shopping

went grocery shopping with Danny after naps (theirs, not mine)
ate ham for dinner
wrapped more presents

Friday, December 25th

slept in until 8:00
woke up the kids around 8:30 so we could get the unwrapping started
watched Cate rock out on Danny's new guitar

listened to Danny proclaim that the new keyboard is for a guh-wuhl {girl} because it's pink
tricked him into smiling again by telling him to not smile

watched Dan rock out on the new guitar

gave Cate lots and lots of help with the unwrapping of her presents
(maybe she'll understand what's going on next year)

drove to Judy's house for more presents

played with new presents
watched other people play with their new presents
ate too much chocolate
drove to Grandma's house for more presents
ate pepper jelly with cream cheese on crackers and became addicted
ate turkey, sweet potatoes (or were they yams?), and cranberry sauce (shaped like the can...just the way I like it) for dinner
watched Cate play with her cousins

learned that this baby will have a baby brother in a few months

drove home to the sound of Danny snoring in the back seat
(or maybe that was Grama Bama snoring in the front seat)

Saturday, December 26th

woke up in the middle of the night to the cries of a little girl in the next room
attempted to put her back to sleep
cleaned up her puke when she decided she'd rather scream, cry and gag herself
slept until 8:40 (those kids have amazingly synchronized internal clocks)
welcomed Grama Bama and Grandpa for a visit
watched Danny open one more present from Grama Bama

watched Cate open one more too

tried to focus on Grama Bama and Cate having some quality bonding time
and not on the garbage piling up from all those presents

gave up on trying to organize all the new toys
said goodbye to perfection once again
went to Judy's house for more family time
felt good that Cate was starting to warm up to Grandpa...finally

ate dinner (can't remember what it was)

Sunday, December 27th

dressed Cate in her cutest new dress

went to church
watched Danny totally dislike nursery for the last time ever
left Cate alone in the nursery for the first time ever
enjoyed some peace and quiet while Cate napped
ate leftover ham for dinner at Judy's house
kicked everyone's butts at Scrabble Slam

the end


JCM said...

I recognize that tool station. Ethan's father sent him that for Christmas when he turned 3. Ethan was not into tools like Danny. It sat in Mary's basement until we got rid of it a couple of years later. I'm sure you won't have that problem.

Cathy said...

We will not be getting rid of the tool station any time soon. Cate loves it too. He keeps asking me for pieces of real wood so he can build things.