Friday, November 20, 2009

on this day

On this day, three years ago

you were two days overdue

it was Monday

Grama Bama and Grandpa were here visiting

your daddy went to work

I knew today was the day you'd be here because of the tiny pangs of pain every so often

I stayed in bed watching t.v. and keeping track of every tiny pang of pain

the pangs of pain got less tiny by the early afternoon

I called your daddy at work

he came home

after two hours of the not-so-tiny pangs of pain your daddy drove us to the hospital

I wanted him to drive fast but he didn't

they gave me stuff to ease the pain

it wore off

they gave me more

it wore off too

I was glad I had gotten a pedi a few days earlier

I wished I had put my hair into a ponytail

I tried for an hour to help you make your appearance and you finally did at 9:54 pm

the nurse said it was 9:56 pm so that's what your official paper says

but I know the truth because I looked at the clock

the doctor held you up for all to see and you peed and we laughed

your daddy told everyone your name for the first time

you weren't baby Sessford anymore (Jarrett and Kris kept calling you baby Sessy though)

I had some problems

while your daddy held you the doctors tried to help me

they gave me lots of medicine and then I was ok

your Aunt Judy was there

and Grama Bama

and Grandpa

and my friend Kay

and of course, your daddy

Judy left after taking some pictures and came back with Jarrett

he was so sweet with you

they took you away to get cleaned up while the nurses got me cleaned up too

when the three of us were in our own room I held you and I cried and felt lucky to finally be a mom

your mom

Happy birthday to my baby boy

I couldn't love you more


Christina said...

Happy Birthday to Danny! Happy 3rd anniversary of being a mom to you, Cathy! I have loved watching you become a mom. My perceptions of you have totally changed as I've gotten to know you better and I'm glad that our little boys enjoy being together. Hope you have a great time celebrating today!

Ella said...

I may or may not have gotten teary eyed. :)