Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so far today

I rolled three garbage cans out to the curb. I was wearing my pajamas, a coat and flip flops. It was semi-dark so I don't think anyone saw my pajamas. The coat was a good choice, but not heavy enough. It was windy. The flip flops were a bad choice. The sidewalk was icy. I slipped. I knew I was going down so I threw myself forward so I'd hit the snow-covered lawn instead of the hard pavement. I biffed it good. I came inside laughing at myself and shaking snow off my arms and legs.

I shooed Danny off the kitchen counter exactly 4 times. I swear that kid is part monkey.

I ate an oatmeal raisin cookie from Costco. I would have preferred chocolate chip but I ate the rest of those yesterday.

I prepped some chicken for dinner tonight. Shocker, I know. Don't fall out of your chair when you read this, Dan.

I bathed some little hooligans. Actually, they just splashed around in the tub. Does that count as bathing them? No soap was involved.

I took a shower. That's an improvement over yesterday.

I shaved my legs in the shower. That's where I realized that when I biffed it this morning, part of my leg hit the pavement and I have some scratches to prove it. I only noticed because it hurt when I shaved over them.

I thought about baking an apple pie.

I unloaded the dryer, started the washer, switched those to the dryer when they were done and started the washer again. I'm not promising that anything will get folded and/or put away.

I drank one can of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.

I thought about calling the pediatrician again. I called yesterday morning about getting a flu shot for Danny. Cate had hers last month. (I'm talking seasonal, not swine.) I told the receptionist I wanted to get a flu shot for my son. She asked his age. I told her. She asked what kind of insurance I have. I told her. She asked if it was regular or CHIP. I said regular. That's when she said, "Oh, we don't have any more flu vaccine." Long pause. I was thinking she'd give me some options, maybe where I could call instead, maybe a timeline of when she thought they'd have more in. Nothing. Would her response have been different if I had given different answers? I'm going to call again this afternoon and see if I can talk to someone else. I think the lady I talked to yesterday is the not-so-nice lady from billing.

I thought about finding a new pediatrician.

I put away the dry dishes and washed the dirty ones.

I cleaned up messes from toys, play do and painting.

I gave Cate some M&M's for a snack. I figured they probably tasted better than the glob of lotion she had just put in her mouth.

I listened to these little hoodlums doing this

I hate inside days.

And still three more hours to go until nap time.

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Dan said...

I knew I should have brought the trash around.