Friday, October 30, 2009

photo phun

Head on over to Picnik for a little bit of Halloween fun.
Look what you can do.

give your sister-in-law a feathery mask

and ghostify her husband

give another sister-in-law some ghoul eyes

and use a little bit of ogre vision on her husband

maybe give your brother-in-law some fangs and a bit of Draculan dermis

and for his wife, vampire eyes

then zombify your other brother-in-law

and stick his wife in a crystal ball

Give it a try. Have some fun at the expense of with your in-laws, too. After all, if you can't have fun with your in-laws, then you're really missing out.

p.s. Dan gave me the go ahead to publish this. If any of my subjects have sad feelings about their pictures, it's all Dan's fault. I give you the go ahead to disown him.

p.p.s. Or better yet, just go to Picnik, upload a picture of Dan and turn him into a moldy zombie with fangs, ghoul eyes and a ginormous ogre ear. If you don't have a recent picture of him, I can hook you up!

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