Friday, October 23, 2009

lots of threes

Today is day three of Dan's fever and achy cruddy sickness. He came home from work on Wednesday and asked me if I thought he had a fever. I asked him if he wanted me to check with the thermometer that gets stuck in my babies' armpits or um...somewhere further south of armpits. He wasn't amused. I figured that meant it was my choice. Turns out he had a fever of 101 point something. Off to bed he went.

A few hours later we checked again. His fever had risen to 102.3. I can't remember what it was yesterday. Last time I checked tonight it was 100.5.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, I was awoken by my little ones three times. Score 2 for Cate and 1 for Danny. This morning Danny woke up crying at 2:00. I got him settled back down and then it was Cate's turn. I was up with her for over an hour. She got so upset about being put back in her crib that she puked all over herself, her crib and the floor. I ended up getting back to sleep somewhere around 3:30.

Tonight as I was trying to get her to bed, she got upset and did it again. That's day three of her little puke fest. Monday, Thursday and Friday. She puked on Sunday too. That time it landed on my laptop. It was closed at the time, thank goodness. I won't count that in the puke fest because it wasn't at bedtime and I think she had just eaten too much. Did I mention that it happened about 30 minutes before church started? It did.

Only time will tell if this will be three in a row for the nighttime awakenings. I'm hoping it's not. I'm tired.

Danny and Cate took simultaneous three and a half hour naps this afternoon. Three cheers for them! They owed me big time and I'm glad they paid up.

Today is day three of me not cooking dinner. I've done that before so it's really not a big deal. The three non-feverish people in this household have eaten pizza three times this week. I tossed some peaches and peppers on our plates to help us feel healthyish too. I'm such a good mom.

I really hope Dan feels better tomorrow. This single mom stuff is not for me. Neither is sleeping on the couch. This is night three for that too. I don't want to catch his cruddy sickness.

Good things come in threes? I'm thinking not-so-good ones do too.


Dan said...

I have three comments to make:
I hate being sick!
I hate being sick!!
I hate being sick!!!
Thanks, Love, for taking care of me.

Cathy said...

You're welcome!
You're welcome!!
You're welcome!!!

colds1 said...

that Dan is sick!