Saturday, October 24, 2009

a good idea in the restroom

First, a little update from yesterday. Danny woke me up at 3:00 this morning. Oh, joy. Three nights in a row. Cate puked again tonight at bedtime. Oh, joy. Three nights in a row for that one too. Dan is feeling better. Last time I checked, his temperature was a very normal 98.6. Oh, joy!

Now for the good idea...

I was at Walmart with my kiddos this morning. After about 5 minutes, Danny said he needed to use the restroom. I hurried and found it, all the while dreading the fact that Cate was going to be crawling around (16 months old and still not walking) on the filthy floor while I helped Danny take care of business.

Imagine my surprise, relief and joy when I opened the stall door and saw one of these:

Genius! I sat her down and strapped her in. She smiled for the duration of our stay in the stall. Danny plugged his ears for the duration of our stay in the stall (scared of the loud flush).

Bravo, Walmart, for a pleasant potty break!

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Aloha_Misty said...

That is an excellent idea :) There is nothing worse than the need to use the bathroom in a public building when you have no one with you to hold the child. It is good to hear that Dan is feeling better!