Sunday, September 13, 2009

the pirate boat

I told Danny about The Cruise this past week. I let him know that we're going on a big boat for his birthday. (It's not his actual birthday present. I don't spoil him that much. Sheesh.) I told him all the people who are coming. I'd list them all here but there's 27 of us. I'm pretty sure in the video he lists Aunt Kym, Aunt Shaelynn (who is actually his cousin), Aunt Talon (also a cousin...and a boy), baby Rusty and Kris (who is not coming).

For some reason, he's decided that big boat we're going on is a pirate boat. I don't have the heart to correct him. I guess I better make sure to pack his pirate hat (that nice little doo-rag of Dan's) so he can "cut down" the naughty pirates. I hope he's not too disappointed when he gets on board and finds that instead of pirates, there's just a bunch of old timers sipping prune juice and playing shuffleboard.

Aaargh, mateys!

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