Monday, September 14, 2009


Danny and Kris...November 2006

I've been keeping track of some funny stuff these kiddos have been saying lately. I translated all of Danny's quotes for your reading enjoyment. I'm still the only one who understands everything he says. I'd have some of Cate but she mostly just says Mamamamama and bababababa.

Kris, after discovering I had brought him a granola bar to snack on.

"Hey! Look! A glenora bar!" (that's Grama Bama's real name in case any of you didn't already know)

Danny, while looking up at the sky after exiting Candis' house at 9:00 one Sunday evening.

"Huh? Hey! Who turned the lights off?" (When we went to her house, it was still light outside. He doesn't get out much at night obviously.)

Kris, explaining why he needed a bandaid.

"I didn't deserve this. My leg scratched itself on the table."

Danny, after Kris wouldn't give him a toy he wanted.

"Gimme it! One...two...three...four...five! I told you gimme it!"

Danny, looking up at the blue sky at 10:00 in the morning.

"Hey, Moon! Wake up!"

Danny, while giving me a little nudge so he could get me out of his way.

"Mama, back it up!"

Danny, while laying his hand on my arm at the dinner table.

"Mmmmm. Chicken nuggets. Thanks for dinner, Love." (and those were homemade chicken nuggets, thank you very much)

Danny, as we were walking out the door to go run some errands.

"Can I drive, Mama? Please, please, please!"

And finally, a little conversation between Danny and Kris from the backseat of the truck.

K: Danny, who are you gonna marry?
D: You!
K: No, you can't marry a boy! Which girl are you gonna marry?
D: Mama!
K: No, she's already married to Dan. You could marry Cate.
D: No, her just a baby!
K: You could marry her when she's all growed up.
D: Oh.


Dan said...

"Thanks for dinner, Love," is what I say to you at dinner. My kid is stealing my best lines!

Cathy said...

He learned it from you, Dan! He learned it from watching you!

Judy said...

Overheard last night from Kris. He was sitting on the floor while I was reading to them. All of a sudden he said, "Mom. Shhhh. My foot's asleep." He didn't want me to wake it up.

Cathy said...

That's a good one, Judy. Very clever.

Hunnygrams said...

Danny and Kris make great conversation. I love it when they get to Danny's stage. You'll be so glad you are keeping a record of those cute things.
I think I'll have to start calling granola bars, Glenora bars -- that's too adorable.