Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wasting time

What I Didn't Do Yesterday While My Kids Were Taking Their Three Hour Naps

Sweep and mop the floor
Fold and put away the laundry
Find our tree trimming guy's phone number
Clean the bathrooms
Figure out Halloween costumes
Wash the dishes

What I Did Do Instead

I yearbooked myself...for almost three hours. I didn't intend to try on each and every hairstyle. It just sucked me right in and I couldn't stop. It actually proved to be quite helpful. I've been looking for a new do. I think I got some great ideas.

My face looks a little funky in some of them. It was hard to get the proportions just right. Believe me, I tried. Ignore the blemishes, slightly enlarged (or shrunken) chins, uneven skin tones and crooked glasses and just focus on the big picture (haha).

I'm thinking no on these two. They look like too much work. I do enjoy seeing my 1952 self without chubby cheeks. It's good incentive to lose some weight.

I'm pretty sure my bangs looked like the Me from 1954 when I was in 8th grade.

I'm loving the 1962 Me (in spite of the weird proportions). I have a feeling that Grama Bama might feel like she's looking at her 1962 self with that one. And probably the 1964 one as well.

I'm sad to say that my hair looked like the 1966 Me (minus the poof in the back) just a few short years ago.

I don't like any of these. It's fun to see the 1974 Me as a blond though.

I think the 1982 Me is my absolute favorite. I just wish my hair was thick enough to behave that way.

Yikes on all three of these! Although maybe Dan would have asked me to the Senior Prom if I'd had that 1988 hairstyle (and if I'd gone to his school and graduated the same year as him). If only.

Yikes again on all of these!

I'm pretty sure my hair did look like that 1998 Me back in 1995. What was I thinking? I do look a little like Katie Couric though. She's cool, right?

Here's Dan and me in the Homecoming Parade.

And at the Homecoming football game. Sorry, Dan. I couldn't resist.

Here we are in the Photography Club.

And Dan with his football buddies.

Hubba, hubba! Look at the legs on #32! What a hunk.

Here we are in the Chess Club. I don't think I've been that petite since 6th grade.

And I've saved the best for last...

Dan, you totally rock!


colds1 said...

Immediately stop typing, call your stylist and get a perm ... 1970 is TOTALLY you!!!

Cathy said...

I think I'd need to get in some serious tanning to fully pull off 1970!

Janell R. Cropper said...

Pretty sure these made me smile the whole time I was looking that them :)

Cathy said...

I know, Janell! I was laughing out loud at many of them.

Christina said...

Ok, I was laughing until I cried on a few of these, particularly in the 80's. And the ones of you and Dan together. Hilarious, Cathy. Now I need 3 hours to play around with this...

Dan said...

The 1970 picture isn't you. It's Jan Brady is the episode when she wears a wig to the party.

The last picture isn't from the yearbook site; it's a real picture from either ninth or tenth grade!

Barty Family said...

I remember your 1998 haircut in 1995. See you were ahead of your time--even though I don't know what you were thinking either. I think your best is the 1952. It looks like you belonged in that era.