Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tees and a tote

I think I found Grama Bama's next birthday present.

I love it!
I can show it on here even though she reads this (and is my biggest fan even though she doesn't know how to leave a comment). She'll probably forget all about the tote by the time her birthday rolls around in October.

It also comes in a t-shirt.
I'm thinking about getting that one for me, Danny and Cate to wear next July 1st.

Here's a few of my other favorites.

Who doesn't love a good game of Rock-Paper-Scissors?

Peas and Love...love it.

LinkThat's another one for me...or my friend Michelle.

I love sporks. They remind me of lunch in elementary school.

This is another one for me.

And I wish I had found this one for Dan when he was in charge of the math team at his old school. He's so mathletic.

I found these lovely t-shirts here.
Browse at your own risk.
Some of them are not rated G.
You've been warned.

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