Sunday, August 9, 2009

the blue park

We ate dinner at Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy's house tonight.
Afterwards, we took a little walk down to the blue park.
It's the blue park because the jungle-gym/slide contraption is mostly blue.

Cate kept herself busy with lots of crawling.
She'll walk some day soonish...right? Right?

Danny enjoyed the jungle-gym/slide contraption.
That first picture is him telling me how many popsicles he wanted to eat when we got back to Judy's house.
You wouldn't know it from looking at his fingers, but he wanted three.
Kris spent some quality time with Cate.
When I hold her, she still feels like a baby.
When I see Kris holding her, she looks ginormous.

Danny went for a little jog on the path that encircles the park.

Then we walked back to Judy's house.

And Danny ate a popsicle.


Dan said...

Dang! you've got cute kids!
Yes, someday Cate will walk. I hope it's not for a while. She's so cute when she's crawling!

JCM said...

At least her crawl is better than Ethan's was - he just dragged his legs behind him. I love her tippy-toe approach. Gorgeous kids and I'm so jealous of the fun time ya'll get to spend together.