Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I stole this from Aunt Cindy's blog.
I tried it way back in 2007 when she shared her results.
Back then I had no blog.
No way to share my celebrity look-alikes.
That was then.
This is now.

Corey Feldman? Seriously?
Jodie Sweetin? Sweet!
I love Full House.

Young George Clooney? Yes!
My little man's going to be a star!

Young JLo with braided pig tails? Ummm...
I think not.

Interesting that Alexis Bledel is on Danny's and Cate's though.
Whoever that is.

I can see Katie, Judy and Reese...a little bit.
But Gary Busey? Is it the nose? I'm confused.

Interesting that Cate got young Clara Bow and I got the older version.
Like mother, like daughter.

A young Greg Brady? Love it!
A young Obi-Wan Kenobi? Love that too!
Studly Mel Gibson? Woo hoo!
Sweet little Dakota Fanning? Makes me giggle.

Thanks, Cindy. That was fun.


Anonymous said...

That WAS fun! I always thought Dan looked a lot like The SNL/Ghostbuster/Blues Brothers guy that is still alive-what is his name? Anyway, Alexis Bledel is from Gilmore Girls and The Traveling Pants movies, you silly girl! And I thought the Clara Bow thing was was funny before you even mentioned it. Good times. :) Suzy

Dan said...

His name is Brad Pitt, Suzy.
What is the Gilmore Girls and The Traveling Pants?