Wednesday, July 29, 2009

bye, Grama Bama

Grama Bama left us yesterday.
Apparently, she thinks she has a life and responsibilities outside of the state of Utah that must be attended to.

We had one last hoorah at Judy's house on Monday night.
Cate practiced giving Grama Bama some perfectly adorable open-mouthed kisses.

If I remember correctly, Grama wasn't fast enough and got bitten on the lips.

Enjoying a little quality time with cousin Kris.

Taking a little break on the trampoline.
Cate's favorite thing to do on it is crawl around and around in circles as close to the edge as possible.

Danny had fun splashing in the water. He still has not actually gotten in and enjoyed the pool. I can't say that I blame him though. The water is a lovely shade of green.

After he had soaked himself sufficiently, he stripped down to his birthday suit and helped Aunt Judy in the garden.
No pictures of the stripping or the helping.
(You're welcome.)

The hoorahs moved to the front yard for a few pictures with Grama Bama before calling it a night.

Come back soon, Grama Bama!
We miss you already.

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Dan said...

Oh, that's were Glenora went. I thought she was still in the bathroom!