Monday, July 20, 2009

how to

...pitch a royal fit, baby style

Step 1.

Crawl around whining.
Raise one arm.

Step 2.

Crawl around a little more.
Whine a little more.
Raise the other arm.
(Don't let that smile fool you. It's gonna get ugly.)

Step 3.

Whine some more.
Actually, a lot more.

Raise both arms high above the head.
Arch the back as much as possible without falling over backwards.

Step 4.

Execute an overly dramatic face-plant.

I could be totally mistaken. This could just be some kind of baby yoga that I'm not aware of. I think those first two steps are called "side camel pose" and that last one looks like it's trying to be "downward dog."

Whatever it is, I can do without it.


Judy said...

That's cute. I love her outfit. She looks like such a "big girl" in it. Oooh, I just wanna kiss her sweet little cheeks!

colds1 said...

What I love the most about this is that you documented the fit! Come, little crying child, let me photograph you! That's great!

Dan said...

You left out step 5 -- Rolling around on the floor while crying.