Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was trying to think of a clever title for this post to describe Dan's birthday celebration. I'm not sure if "partay" is clever, but I like it. I wanted to be sure that I spelled it correctly so I googled it.


a social gathering usually containing loud rap or hip-hop music, an abundance of substance abuse and often a great amount of sexual promiscuity.

Hmmm. Dan's iPod is probably loaded with hip-hop music. We just weren't listening to any of it during the festivities. As for the other stuff, I certainly hope not.

similar in mood and atmosphere to a party, but with more attitude. can usually be heard in areas of downtown Compton or The Wood.

That sounds better. Some people were definitely having some 'tude that night.

Kind of like a party, but bigger... like a New Year's party with drunks and drugs and what-not.

I like this definition. No drunks or drugs that I am aware of. We sure had plenty of what-not though.

Here's my favorite:

Like a party. But kick-a**er.
(I added the little **. I'm not sure I want cursing on this blog.)

Angel food cake with strawberries
(Dan's favorite)

A gentle version of whisker pie from Uncle Dave

Jarrett, Judy and Kris

Cate with no neck...creeps me out a little

Danny playing with Dan's present
(a hand-held Guitar Hero game)

Danny actually sharing Dan's present with Kris

You decide:

a. Dan making the "loser" sign with both hands

b. Dan making the "whatever" sign, just not squished together

c. Dan making the "rock on" sign with the pinky fingers missing

Happy first 39th birthday, Dan.

May you have many, many more.

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