Tuesday, May 19, 2009

missions and monopoly

Our neighbor left for his mission today. He's going to the MTC in Brazil. We saw him leaving for the airport with his family. As we drove by, I rolled down the window, honked, waved and yelled "Bye, Taylor!" I guess I should have called him Elder Tuckett.

Jarrett asked, "Who's that?"

"That's Taylor," I said. "He's going on a mission today."

"Why's Taylor going on a mission?"

I told him that Taylor is going because he wants to. "He's going to teach people about Jesus."

"Oh." Then there was a long pause. "I'm going on a mission. When I go my legs will be longer than this," Jarrett said, rubbing his legs. "I'm going to New York. (That's where Uncle Dave served.) I'm going to play Monopoly. No, I'm going to play chest. (I'm going to assume he meant chess.)

Then there was an even longer pause. "That's good that he's going on a mission so he can get away from girls."

Looks like Jarrett knows a lot about missions already. Long legs, New York, playing games and no girls. When he goes, he probably will have long legs (thanks to his mother). I'm hoping he remembers that part about staying away from girls, too. As for New York and Monopoly, only time will tell.

Then he moved on to pointing out all the massages on the road ahead of us. I'm going to assume he meant mirages. Maybe he'll be called to serve in France. He seems to know a few words already.

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