Thursday, May 21, 2009

chicken dance

Cate turned eleven months old today.
To celebrate,
she got her groove on with Elmo.

She's waving at Dan in this picture. She holds up her hand with her fingers open. Then she makes a little fist.
Too cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was adorable! She is so big! I can't believe almost a year ago your ankles were that big and she was just a tinkle in the potty! :) Suzy

Hunnygrams said...

Your children are so beautiful. They look like they're made of porcelain. (Of course, I don't tend them, either.) Judy sent me the link to see the chicken dance. It's nice to see something from Tina making children happy. I bookmarked the link so I can check in on the fam once in awhile.

colds1 said...

Happy Eleven Months to Cate! Can Rusty borrow the hair bow? His hair needs some control! :) She's adorable, by the way!

Aloha_Misty said...

I just can't get over your kids blue eyes. They are amazing to look at. They are so beautiful it looks like you enhanced them! Some guy is going to LOVE those eyes!

Anonymous said...

My Niece and nephew are sooo cute!!! I could just eat them up (but I won't)! Have you painted Cate's nails yet? Hope it looks cute on her. Give them hugs for me from their favorite Aunt Diane ;-)