Monday, May 18, 2009

busy day

We went to the zoo on Saturday. Danny walked around holding his map. He was more than thrilled to be out of the stroller.

I rode the carousel with him.

Cate chilled in the stroller. She knows how to put her feet up and relax. That is not something she learned from me.

After the zoo, we watched Kris perform his amazing skills at his gymnastics meet.

Then we took a trip to Lowe's. The kids and I checked all the kitchen faucets to see if water would come out.
It didn't.

Later we attended a 50th wedding anniversary open house for a couple who used to live in our ward. They were Grandma Helen's home teachers.

Oh, and before the zoo, Dan took Cate to the doctor because I thought she might have an ear infection again. She does.

A busy day indeed.

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