Friday, April 3, 2009


On the drive to school recently, Jarrett gave me a little lesson about mirages. He pointed out some "puddles" on the road ahead of us.

"See those puddles? They're not really there. It's a mirage."

As we drove closer to where the "puddles" first appeared, he said, "See! They're gone. It's just a mirage."

For his birthday, Jarrett received some little toys that were accompanied by some playing cards. I think they were something like Pokemon. I opened one of the packages, gave him the toys and cards and threw the empty package in the garbage.

Jarrett came into the kitchen a few minutes later to put something in the trash. As he opened the trash drawer he saw the empty package sitting on top. On it was a picture of the cards. He said, "Oh, no!" and picked up the empty package, thinking I had thrown away his cards.

I said, "It's just a picture of cards. It tricked you, didn't it?"

Jarrett enthusiastically replied, "Mirage!"

I said, "Kind of." He dropped it back into the garbage and walked away. I heard him mumbling as he walked into the front room.

"I hate mirages."

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