Saturday, April 11, 2009

jarrett's sixth, part two

More birthday fun
(on his actual birthday this time)

He'd already had a beautiful violet cake so I went with standard white with sprinkles this time. When he made his wish he whispered pretty loudly and made exaggerated lip movements. (Does that make sense? I guess you just had to be there.) It was pretty cute. I'd say he's a lucky kid to get to make birthday wishes twice.

After dinner and cake we headed outside. Dan played baseball with the kids. Cate mostly just watched and practiced her clapping skills. It looked like she was being a little cheerleader.

It's a good thing Kris knows there is a position called catcher. It's not such a good thing that he almost never catches the ball. That could be the pitcher's fault though.

I don't know what Dan was saying to Kris in this picture. It must have been something funny. Look at the expression on Kris' face. I love it! Dan's got a pretty good expression on his face too.

Later we came inside for a little Guitar Hero. Danny said he wanted to rock so Dan gave him a turn.

Danny said, "Look, Mama! Me rocking!"
Looks like Dan is too!

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Dan said...

ROCK and ROLL!!!

I think I was telling Kris that I was going to get him next time and that he better watch out, or something to that effect. I can't remember if I was doing an impression of Hulk Hogan, Jessie "the Body" Ventura, or the "Clawmaster" Baron von Raschke.

I love how seriously Danny looks at the TV while doing Guitar Hero!