Monday, April 13, 2009

boo hoo

Here's what I got to listen to on the ride home from Grandma's last night.(Yes, I am an evil mother for making a video of my inconsolable children. I admit it.)

It was almost comical.

Danny was originally upset because he wanted to go back to Grandma's house. After he got started, everything I did or said ticked him off even more. Cate was tired. She was probably ticked off at me too.

At times, Danny would stop crying. Then Cate would stop too. Danny would say (in a whiny voice), "Date not dying (crying) any more." Upon hearing his voice, Cate would start again. Then Danny would cry, "Date dying!"

I plugged my ears. It didn't lessen the pain.
It's times like this that I wish we lived closer.

Serenity now.


colds1 said...

I am so sorry! I don't know that there is anything worse than not being able to help your child stop crying . . . unless it is not being able to help both of your children stop crying at the same time! Okay, I CAN think of worse things, but in the moment of the tears there doesn't seem to be anything worse.

Dan said...

When did this happen?
I guess I didn't notice.

Judy said...

That's really annoying. I do remember times like that. Oh wait.. They still happen, it's just there's whining instead of crying. On our way back from Heber on Sunday we had a different experience. Both the boys had their ipods on and were singing...the same song over and over. Jarrett got kinda loud and Dave had to tell him to shut-up,but it was cute at first.