Thursday, November 20, 2014

it's great to be eight

Every night when I tuck him in I tell him these three things:

I love you.

I'm proud of you.

You are special to me.

Every night he tells me these three things in response:

I love you waaaaaaaaay more.

I'm proud of you too.

You are special to me too.

Then we have a little smooch and I'm outta there.

Last week at tuck-in, after he said the "i'm proud of you too" part, I asked him why he's proud of me.

"I didn't do anything for you to be proud of me. I'm just the mom."

"Yes you did! You gave me my life! You are my gift!"

That might just be the best thing he's said to me ever. It pretty much made all the less-than-stellar moments of parenting him so completely worth it. What a gem he is.

I just really really love him. He's the best. I get him, you know? He's me, in little boy form (except I don't love basketball and football nearly as much as he does).

I'm just so glad he's mine.

Happy birthday to my favorite Danny boy.