Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best of Instagram

As of yesterday, I've been posting pictures on Instagram for one year. I only know that because I didn't have an iPhone and that's when they let all the non-iPhone people join up. I like Instagram. A lot. I figured maybe it was time to share my favorites. It was tough to choose (seeing as how I've got almost 600 on there) but I'm pretty sure these are the best. 

I didn't intend to post them in any order of greatness but I am quite fond of the one at the top. Cate in her dance clothes is one of the best sights to this mama's eyes. And the look on her face? Ug. 

I've shared the butterfly picture before and I love it still.

Cate and Grama Bama sharing a giggle is just too cute for words.

Danny turned six and it looks like he made a wish.

And Cate pushing that doll stroller in the early morning sun is just so her. She's such a little mama and I love it.

Here's a few more (a little smaller so this post doesn't go on and on and on down the page).

I don't know why I love Cate in a cowboy hat with a toy gun but I do. 

And these two little cousins were made for each other. Of that I'm sure.

Cate loves the park. She's pure joy on those swings.

And I sure miss fall and those beautiful yellow leaves.

This picture of my family on the beach in Santa Cruz got me through some cold, boring days this winter. I think I'll go back soon.

I was tending the cousins one afternoon and took the little ones with me onto the trampoline. I bounced them around to their hearts' content. And then we took goofy pictures. I like this one.

My Danny boy loves his fireman boots. Aunt Judy's dog bit the loops off the left one. Danny said that helped him know which foot to put it on.

I think Grandma gave him the best costume ever for a wannabe professional wrestler.

My family and my Christmas tree. Perfect.

This picture of Ray Ray makes me smile every time. He's got a cast on his right leg. That's why it's bent funny. And that sock has a hole so his little toe is peeking through. He put on that mask and said, "Me scare Mommy" in his version of a scary voice. I love it.

Nightgown. Dress up skirt. Butterfly costume hat. Big twig. No shoes. 

It doesn't get much better than that.


Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Oh the one of Cate pushing the stroller is fantastic. It should be printed big and framed!!

Cathy said...

Good idea! I'll hang it in her room. There's plenty of blank wall space to choose from.

debra said...

Those are some cute pictures of some cute people!