Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring break, week 1

Dan was off work this week for his spring break. The kids and I started it off with a walk in the fresh snow on Saturday afternoon. It was 30 degrees outside and completely their idea. Cate ended up pushing Danny in the stroller most of the way. That was fun. She's horrible at steering and the snow didn't help matters. I don't know how that had anything to do with Dan or spring break but that's what we did.

I dressed the kids in their BYU best for church on Sunday. Maybe that's a weird thing to do but I seriously do not care. I love it and they are stinkin' adorable. It's all part of my plan.

Dan took Danny to his first BYU basketball game on Monday night. I took several pictures of them before they left. Dan just happens to be making a goofy face in the only cute smiling picture of Danny. That's the way it goes. I asked Dan as they were leaving if this was a dream come true (having your son be big enough to go to a game with you and enjoy it and share your excitement for the game...stuff like that). He said something like, "Taking my son to a game? Yeah. It's good." I think he was a little more excited than he let on (I've got a picture to prove it).

With Dan home to help with Cate I was able to help Danny's teacher a little more than I usually do. Looks like I was sharpening pencils on Tuesday. And I kind of love that hairstyle he gave me in his pictures. Can I just tell you how much I love his writing and especially the way he draws people? A lot, that's how much.

Tuesday evening was Danny's last soccer game. I think they won and I'm pretty sure Danny kicked the first goal of the game but with Cate there I was very distracted most of the time. Danny has been so fun to watch though. It's good to see him excited to play and be on a team, especially since I remember how well all this team sports playing stuff went last time. Ha.

Wednesday Dan and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. I think I mentioned that already. Well, I only took one picture all day. My lunch. Priorities, people. It was a really good lunch though (with no kids!). This is why I drink green smoothies and eat scrambled egg whites for breakfast. It was totally worth all 2,000 calories too. Bleu bacon burger. Yum.

I don't remember much about Thursday but Cate came home from school looking like a cute little bunny.

On Friday after Danny was at school and Cate was playing at her BFF's house, Dan and I headed north for a little anniversary over-nighter. We spent a lovely afternoon at the Brigham City temple and then headed to Ogden for dinner, a movie (Oz, which was so completely boring that I fell asleep for a lot of it) and a night in a hotel with no kids.

Do you know how fun a hotel is with kids? Not very, in my experience so far. Maybe I'm just an evil, no fun parent. Probably. But when I check into a hotel I just want to take my shoes off and flop on the soft bed and chill for a minute. Know what my kids want to do? Turn on the tv, open all the drawers, play something (even though there are no toys), go ride up and down the elevator, visit the ice machine and the worst of all, go swimming. No chilling. 

And even though I thought about my kids a lot while we were gone (especially at bedtime because I've convinced myself that that's when they need me the most), it was good for me (and hopefully them) to have some quiet time away.

We ate breakfast at the hotel Saturday morning, checked out and then headed to get ice cream for breakfast dessert. Dan wanted to go to this ice cream place he remembered eating at when he was a youth. We drove past Friday night but it was super crowded and we were still super stuffed from dinner. We went to the movie instead and decided that we'd just have ice cream for dessert in the morning. It was yummy but a little weird to be the only people in the ice cream shop and I'm pretty sure the old lady working there thought we were crazy.

We picked up the kids and then dinked around the house all afternoon. Cate decided it was a beautiful day to give herself a haircut for the first time. I wasn't mean to her at all but she decided I was so she hid under her bottom bunk. I was hoping if we left her there long enough she'd just take a nap. She didn't. I told her she was grounded from scissors though.

It's a good thing she cut off the sides instead of creating short short bangs because I was able to put two piggies on top and mostly hide the aftermath. I'm kind of sad that it's going to take a pretty short bob to fix what she did though. I think she's going to be sad too. Maybe I'll just keep her in piggies for the next 4 years until it grows back.

Danny's spring break starts tomorrow. Cate's too. On the drive home from Grandma's tonight I told them that I'm the only one in the family who doesn't get a spring break. Cate said, "Yeah. You just have to keep working."

No kidding.

No fair.

Maybe next year.

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