Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flip Ten

I taught Danny how to play Flip Ten this week.  He loved it. I knew he would. He likes math and he loves games.

Here's how you play. Flip over two cards and if their sum is ten you get to keep them. If not, you leave one face up and flip the other one back over (that's the rule I made up in hopes that the game would go a little faster). A few times he made ten by adding three cards (since one is left face up every turn). Fun times. Woo hoo.

Try not to be jealous of my marker-stained dining room table. I have grand plans to paint it some day in the future when my kids are old enough to keep their art creations contained within the borders of their papers. Don't you just love Cate's scarecrow she made in preschool last fall? Yep. Me too.

This kid likes numbers. He's a smart one. I heard him singing a song yesterday. I'd say the title should be "And That's How You Make a Teen."  He was walking around the house singing, "Eight plus six equals fourteeeeeen. Nine plus seven equals sixteeeeeeeen. Seven plus eight equals fifteeeeeeeen. And that's how you make a teeeeeen!"

What a kid. I love him.



Marisa said...

I love his love for math. Both my kids tolerate math, but they don't love it yet. We'll try Flip Ten. . . maybe after school. I think they'll like it.

If you come across any games that help with subtraction and regrouping, let me know. Haley needs practice.

Jaymerz said...

My kids love a good math game, I think we will be playing this after school!!

Arlene said...

He is already way smarter than me.